Discovering Dating Culture In Japan

In Japan between 60 and 70 % of men would prefer to pay on a first date because they want to make a person they like to feel relaxed and to have a great time together. Because of that, some people might both pay, but not equally – a man asked about the bill might ask a girl to pay only a little part of the bill. That won’t hurt anyone’s egos and let you feel relaxed and not owing anything to anyone. When a Japanese lady wants to meet a foreign partner for a serious relationship or marriage, she goes to a special online service known as an international dating site.

I always found the “love confession” a little strange. It seems a lot like confessing an emotion that hasn’t developed yet.

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But as a Vietnamese woman, I felt discomforted with “Yes, guys do have a chance to find a “hot Japanese girlfriend” were written in a way to appeal to white/western fetishization of Asian women. It’s one thing to simply inform westerners, it’s another to play into yellow fever, especially because this article does attempt to tell you to be respectful of individual and cultural idiosyncrasies. This article touches on generalities based on culture and research. Dating and marriage is a personal, intimate activity.

  • You might not fully understand how another culture handles relationships, but it doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrong.
  • The ceremony does not have to take place in a Shinto shrine because the spouses themselves can choose the type of ceremony for themselves based on their religious views.
  • “Young people in today’s Japan are into a virtual world where they meet very pretty girls.
  • This strict gender role applies to everything even in the dating area so it is kind of hard for people out of Japan to adjust to this gender role.
  • May luck favor you, and the weather in your home will only be positive.
  • However, many guys prefer to pay no matter what the girl says.

I think both Japan and the western countries have some good and bad things when it comes to dating. Forty years ago, Games People Play revolutionized our understanding of what really goes on during our most basic social interactions. More than five million copies later, Dr. Eric Berne’s classic is as astonishing–and revealing–as it was on the day it was first published.

Discovering Dating Culture In Japan

Changing Expectations

It’s enough to establish whether or not you’d really be able to tolerate the person you’re dating on a constant basis, but not enough to really get to know them. Does the author, or anyone else know if there has been some scientific research done about this topic? To be more precise, I’m talking about the percentage of Japanese women who want to date foreign men. This may seem like a ridiculous question but last year I met a Japanese guy who owns a startup company and he offered me. I was supossed to start this fall, but Corona fucked everything up of course. He still said that I would be able to come work for him once all of this is over.

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  • But it also depends on the state, individual values..everybody is different.
  • As the fertility rate goes down, there is a growing concern that young people prefer to be single and make the most of their personal time than get married and form a family.
  • No, of course not, but I’m certainly not foolish enough to discount her own personal experiences.
  • Women don’t just rely on work or their circle of friends to find a romantic partner.
  • Konkatsu (婚活) or matchmaking gatherings or parties are about those who are serious about marriage.

In contrast, places like my home country of Switzerland are portrayed by the Japanese media as being akin to heaven on Earth. Your average Swiss is shown as happily frolicking down mountainsides holding cute woven baskets filled with gruyere and baguettes. I’ll go more in detail later in the section about the “gaijin hunter phenomenon,” but some girls see foreigners as their ticket out of Japan. A few weeks ago, my good friend Kayo and I decided to do a joint writing project about Japanese culture and society. After all, such a complex, deep and stratified social framework can’t be understood from any single vantage point—especially not that of white guy who’s only been here a few years.

Marriage With A Dating Culture In Japan: Pros And Cons Of Marrying

I know lots of women who want nothing more than to marry a guy, and stay at home with kids. I have foreign female friends who married Japanese guys and then the husband expected the same from them, some were quite surprised, too. We explain to our female members that western people have a dating culture. We advise them not to pour all of their energy to only one man before meeting them in person. Japanese women are learning about western dating culture, so we introduce a maximum of three male candidates to our female members too, and we do not introduce another man until they decline one.

Basically there’s a bit of everything out there, language is a double-edged sword, so be careful how you wield it. All of that being said, I don’t think any of these should be deal breakers. If you don’t have any female friends and don’t want your girlfriend hanging out with other guys, maybe no friends of the opposite sex is perfect for you.

Even on White Day, men will give women a small gift as a token of love. And since they’re less direct with their feelings, this doesn’t mean that it’s not OK to live together before marriage in Japan. Despite the aforementioned social norms, dating in Japan can still be a fun experience. The culture of dating in Japan allows men and women to express their feelings in different ways. One of the best ways to express your love is by writing a letter. Writing letters to your girlfriend or wife is an excellent way to convey your feelings to them and show that you value their loyalty.